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38hrs, 1.2 skeins purple, 1.1 skeins orange, .80 skeins red. For sale, please inquire.
18hrs. For Skylanth
One small Gryffindor scarf, for The Frog.

Lots of hrs. For sale, please inquire. :D

LJ Idol entries:
00 - Introduction 63/206 voters
01 - Dragons 38/307 voters
02 - Deconstruction 36/258 voters
03 - 'It's a trap' 57/180 voters (1st in tribe.)
04 - The elephant in the room - Bye #1
05 - Afterthought 36/239 voters
06 - Not of your world
07 - Brouhahah
08 - First World Problems
09 - Marching Orders
10 - Icarus
11 - Haute - Bye #2

12 - The Sincerest Form of Flattery
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1. In only three days, I've written 10,044 words for NaNoWriMo. That is more than my total wordcount when I first did it in 2004, my first year at Western (9086), so I feel pretty proud of myself. I think I might actually win this year.
2. Mom finally has a real, medically sound diagnosis.
3. I have glowstars on my origami butterflies. Now to get those butterflies all over my ceiling...
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All right, fate, I'm trying to tempt you.  I have now signed up for NaNoWriMo and LJ Idol. Between these and rp, I will be insanely busy all of November. Now is the time to pile on more stress and find me a job. You've always pulled through for me in the past, I believe in you.
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Some was late to work again. There was construction in Tunnel Four, the huge earthcrawlers chewing a new gap in the wall, filling the stone tube with dust and debris and clogging the way. A necessary evil; the new farms to the east needed a better egress than half-flooded Tunnel Seven, but still a bother. And Some hadn't left early enough to get past it all in time.
I'll just leave this here. )


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