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It took 9 years and the terms of four presidents for the courts to find a solid, consistant balance between the constitutions of the two nations. No one was terribly happy with it, but the compromises kept the economy limping along despite the continuing rise in food prices. The same year also saw Russia's invasion of North Korea, a military action as decisive as the swatting of a fly, in response to Korea using Russia wastelands for nuclear testing without official permission. It only lasted eight days, but there were six nuclear strikes in that time, not counting the two that had provoked the coup. South Korea and North Korea had still officially been at war, under the same half-hearted cease fire that had endured from 1953, but South Korea had still objected vocally to the take-over, accusing Russia of having faked the instigating incident.

Things simmered along for a long time, political tensions building while Panem became more and more isolationist, tending to their own needs. Their population was too few to step back into the USA's old self-imposed role as guardians of world peace, and the UN was in nearly as poor a shape. The famine was more than four decades old in 2067 when the population, analyists said, had reached a sustainable low at last. From seven billion, the world's numbers had fallen to to less than three, mostly concentrated in Africa, Australia, and the southern reaches of China and India.

[Gap; 2068-2143, world war III]

In 2143, Doctor Eli Snow invented the [highly technical name for a giant air filter]. It was immediately implemented in every major city in Panem, but it was an anonymous letter to the editor that suggested an alternate use; the [htnfgaf] could not only be used to filter pollutants out of cubic miles of atmosphere in a matter of days, it could also be used to filter the very oxygen itself out. The implication was obvious. It took four filters, a dedicated power plant, and eleven months to extinguish the Prudhoe Bay Fire.

Notes to timeline:
2019 - Prudhoe Fire
2021 - Martial law, Chinitook War
2035 - Panem founded
2044 - Russia/Korean war, nuclear winter
2067 - World pop drops below 3bil.
2145 - End of Prudhoe fire
2170 - Dark Days Rebellion
2174 - Dark Days ends.
2208 - President Snow takes office
2249 - Beginning of the Neverending Quell.
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