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2011-07-28 11:26 am
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Grues. IN SPACE.

The planet Kaarethode had, when the Federation discovered it 50 years ago, been stagnating at a pre-warp level of technology, having visited their three moons and the closest planet in their solar system, then stopped their space program without so much as an orbiting station or an attempt to send a satellite out of their system. An early, clandestine visit had revealed little, save that the planet was curiously underpopulated for a post-industrial world, with most people living in walled cities on the mountain plateaus that lined the Western edge of their single massive continent or out in the scattering of coral islands that freckled the other hemisphere. There was a strange number of abandoned cities, both ancient and apparently recent, but no evidence of any major war or disaster. No contact was made, and the planet was remitted to remote observation.

It was a surprise to everyone when Kaarethode's first warp-capable vessel, the Greikaar, made it to the next star before their engines failed, leaving them drifting, broadcasting a cry for help that they never expected to have answered.
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2009-10-20 12:03 am
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This is the story written wrong. Now I get to write it right.

Some was late to work again. There was construction in Tunnel Four, the huge earthcrawlers chewing a new gap in the wall, filling the stone tube with dust and debris and clogging the way. A necessary evil; the new farms to the east needed a better egress than half-flooded Tunnel Seven, but still a bother. And Some hadn't left early enough to get past it all in time.
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2009-07-20 01:46 pm
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Some Some art!

Drawn for me by a very generous friend of a friend, [livejournal.com profile] buymelove /[livejournal.com profile] bootheel ,
in her free sketch post today! Thank you so much!