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Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:16 am
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Well, it's Wednesday. So far this week, I've rearranged my room. Turned my bed from a twin to a queen, by clever use of boxes and my many, many extra blankets. There's a pillow for my cat under my window, just where he likes to sleep, and now he's not crowding me away from the head of my bed. More boxes built me a bedside table, one actually tall enough to hold my lamp where it'll do me some good. I can read in bed now.

Bookshelves. I built a new one on my west wall, four shelves, six feet each, and I've only got them half full, so far. Took apart the tiny shelf that used to stand in the gap in my shelf-wall, relocated all of those books. The pulp goes on top of my new shelves, the good series on the easily accessible 2nd shelf up, right in reach of my bed. (There's half a shelf of nothing but octopuses and pirates.) And now I've got empty spaces in all my shelves, awaiting more books. And my birthday's less than four weeks away.

Of course, the rearranging's left me with almost no floor space, but I don't do much in my room that isn't me sitting on my bed reading or typing or watching TV anyway, so it makes little difference. The drafting table's where my small shelf was, and I can't figure out a way to make that shelf fit back in this room, but I may fit it on the modular shelf on the east wall eventually. I don't know. I have art to hang and that's the only place to hang it.

Anyway, that's my room. If anyone wants pictures, I'll post them. I've also emptied all of the boxes I moved home in, which is an achievement. Still have my clothes in a suitcase under my bed, though.


Television. I've been methodically going through Bones these past few weeks, and I finished it up today. I don't need to play Sweets, I really don't. Even if Narrows does need more shrinks. Brilliant stoner shrinks. Nooo.


Right now, there's a plane going over my house so close that I cannot hear the faintest trace of the TV five feet from my head.


To Do Tomorrow
1. Teeth
2. Sort and tidy five shelves
3. Find hammer
4. Hang thing
5. Journal
6. Go through blanket box
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Three Good Things about Today:
1. Sangria in grape juice. The tart-under-sweet flavor is addictive enough to make me worry about the alcoholism rampant in my family.
2. Lots of Bones. I feel smarter, understanding most of the science stuff.
3. Walking in the hail, under an umbrella illustrated by my friends from Bellingham. Cold, but very, very pleasant.

Adopt one today!

To-Do list for tomorrow:
1. Brush teeth. Ketosis tastes bad. So does toothpaste. Does anyone else have nerve twinges associated with toothbrushing?
2. Fix Peter's app.
3. Ask Nix re: A's basement. Thumbs-up there. Let's see if Simon can dodge security enough to get down there.
4. Neil Byrd, life and times of
5. Finish Letter of Mary
6. Get drafting table out of room.
7. Move old PC and milk cartons to garage.
8. Bones to Blockbuster. More Bones.
9. Brush teeth again, damnit.
10. Mail postcard.

That would be a tolerably productive day.


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