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Here's a better post about my job than my last one:

Today, I stood on top of a floating seven-story building moving twenty miles an hour through perfect blue waters, between evergreen islands forested thick with pine, fir, cedar, and madrona. The wind whipped my hair back from my face, pressed my shirt against my skin, brought color to my face. I can tell the islands apart at a glance, and sometimes by scent. The radio on my hip brought me news from the five other boats and five docks in the area. Sailboats and powerboats alike scattered before our bow, clearing the way for us. We are the monarchs of the Puget Sound.

Children ask shyly if I'm the Captain. Their parents ask if I grew up in these islands, envy in their voices. I can quell ranting idiots with a hint of naval rank. I wear epaulets, in blue, green, and orange. I have access to every inch of my ship. My ship.

And they pay me for this!
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Both taken within half an hour of one another, with a massive storm setting in to the north. I couldn't touch the railings without getting shocked by big fat sparks. So gorgeous.

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It's been a busy two weeks, here. Two weeks ago, Tcha, the HR manager at the Washington State Ferries, called me, inviting me to participate in their 2009 new hire orientation. Well, of course, this phone call caused me to run around in jubilant circles, but once I settled down into my adult persona, there have been a great many hoops to jump through.

The hoops are under here. )
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I had a bad dream last night, not so much a nightmare as the kind of dream about being late and later and later and then you wake up frustrated and angry with yourself for not having achieved anything. And I woke up worried that it might portend something bad, but the day went off without a hitch.

Physical )

I passed just fine. I have this job.

Aquarium )

The gift shop has a whole wall of octopus merch.

Sheer terror )

We didn't die!
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So, today's a pretty good day.

Actually, it's a really fantastic day.

The Washington State Ferries called. Dependent on me passing the physical exam (next Wednesday, 11:15am), I start training as a deckhand on June 17th, at 8:00am.

And I'm finding tops for my car on eBay for almost a grand less than new.

I have a job.


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