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1. In only three days, I've written 10,044 words for NaNoWriMo. That is more than my total wordcount when I first did it in 2004, my first year at Western (9086), so I feel pretty proud of myself. I think I might actually win this year.
2. Mom finally has a real, medically sound diagnosis.
3. I have glowstars on my origami butterflies. Now to get those butterflies all over my ceiling...
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1. Cut the big ugly bushtree out of the back corner of the yard. Yaaay, it's gone. Also a small holly tree where it had no business being. Out, damn prickles.

2. Did NOT get bit by the tick I found on my sleeve. It is the first tick I have ever seen, and I've been a camper/hiker/runaroundinthebusheser my whole life. Go me.

3. Mom lent me a full-spectrum OTT lamp. I am hoping it will help ease these autumn in Washington blues.
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[livejournal.com profile] eldritchblend , [livejournal.com profile] canismajor3 , [livejournal.com profile] djinni , you all need to friend each other.

Today's 3 good things:

1. Game, of course. I love you guys so much.
2. My car behaved all the way to Bellingham and all the way back. Wow!
3. The flock of birds that took off from the road as I was driving past, so close I could see their soft feathery bellies. 
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Let's try this again.

1. This blog. Illustrated chapter-by-chapter reviews of books from our childhoods!  I don't remember just how I found it, I was linkhopping.

2. This comic. Dark tossed me the link, and it's adorable. Tod and Sky, you two in particular might like it. 

3. I'm knitting again. And today I've gone from this:

to this:

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Here's a better post about my job than my last one:

Today, I stood on top of a floating seven-story building moving twenty miles an hour through perfect blue waters, between evergreen islands forested thick with pine, fir, cedar, and madrona. The wind whipped my hair back from my face, pressed my shirt against my skin, brought color to my face. I can tell the islands apart at a glance, and sometimes by scent. The radio on my hip brought me news from the five other boats and five docks in the area. Sailboats and powerboats alike scattered before our bow, clearing the way for us. We are the monarchs of the Puget Sound.

Children ask shyly if I'm the Captain. Their parents ask if I grew up in these islands, envy in their voices. I can quell ranting idiots with a hint of naval rank. I wear epaulets, in blue, green, and orange. I have access to every inch of my ship. My ship.

And they pay me for this!
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Three Good Things about Today:
1. Sangria in grape juice. The tart-under-sweet flavor is addictive enough to make me worry about the alcoholism rampant in my family.
2. Lots of Bones. I feel smarter, understanding most of the science stuff.
3. Walking in the hail, under an umbrella illustrated by my friends from Bellingham. Cold, but very, very pleasant.

Adopt one today!

To-Do list for tomorrow:
1. Brush teeth. Ketosis tastes bad. So does toothpaste. Does anyone else have nerve twinges associated with toothbrushing?
2. Fix Peter's app.
3. Ask Nix re: A's basement. Thumbs-up there. Let's see if Simon can dodge security enough to get down there.
4. Neil Byrd, life and times of
5. Finish Letter of Mary
6. Get drafting table out of room.
7. Move old PC and milk cartons to garage.
8. Bones to Blockbuster. More Bones.
9. Brush teeth again, damnit.
10. Mail postcard.

That would be a tolerably productive day.
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Three good things.

  1. Having Jen there for my full shift.  Damn, but that made the day move so much smoother.  Love ya, girl. 
  2. Geocaching with Kaitlyn.  Heehee, phonetree.  Good find. 
  3. Caught the tail of a Doctor Who marathon, just in time for Torchwood to start next Saturday.  Pity I won't be here for the premiere, but I'll be in Seattle meeting Diana Gabaldon.  Forealz, yo.

To get that day off to go see Diana, I will be working M-F for the first time in a while.  I'm opening Monday, Labour Day, but hey, it's time and a half, so dude, why would I miss it?
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Three good things about yesterday.
  1. Beautiful drive down to Mount Vernon.  Wind in my hair, new clothes, gorgeous sun, nice music.  It was sweet.
  2. Geocaching with Bog and Pater.  We found 2/4, but hey, still fun.  Even if they were only micros.  I'm glad Bog's back from Florida.
  3. The top is back up on my car!  I don't, however, get to take it down again until I get a new top.  This one's just shrunk too much.  It is, after all, 13 years old.

Three good things about today.
  1. Everyone was in a good mood at work.
  2. My fingernails are fabulous, but four colors excite less comment than all-green, apparently.  Or maybe it's that I cut that long, long one.
  3. I can dance like an idiot for twenty minutes straight, in public, and never blush once.
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Joy is a bird in your store, a rediscovered cookie in your purse, and tickets to Pirates for tonight.
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Three good things about yesterday:

1.  First day of my new job!  I zoomed up I5 after work at the Maj and soon found myself sitting in a wee chilly office clicking 'next' a lot, working my way through the over-extensive and patronizing training program at Rite-Aid.  I think I'll enjoy myself there; the company's policies seem more sensible than I was expecting, and David-my-new-boss is best described by the word 'genial.'  I will remember to wear warm sleeves and better shoes.  So far, I've been taught how to read the store handbook, how many different things can be qualified as sexual harassment, how to S.M.I.L.E, and a handful of other useful new skills.   Working with K and J will be fun; and I predict many after-shifts at the Pita-Pit and/or Starbucks.  Yay!

2.  Karl.  Karl is always a good thing.  We were on our way to D&D on campus when my tire went ppphhhht and then flumpthumpflumpthumpflumpthumpbrrrrrrrrrrrt.  Flat, oh yes.  So I pulled into a small, well-lit parking lot and we rummaged in my trunk and found my teeeeeeny jack and my teeeeeeeeeny spare tire, and in about twenty minutes, Karl had the tire changed and we were good to go, even if my emergency brake doesn't work AT ALL.   So, thank you, Karl, for risking life and limb to change my tire for me.  Thank you so much.  The parents are being awesome and lending me the green to get new tires.  Plural, because a daylight examination of the other rear tire revealed large alarming cracks and peeling.  So, really, it's also a good thing that my tire went flat when it did, and not at 80 mph on my way down to Oregon tomorrow, in the form of a blow-out.  Yes.  Despite my freak-out last night after getting home from D&D (Which took place in the form of a mad cleaning spree that lasted until about 4.  My room is re-organized!), things are good.

3.  My drive up from Anacortes to B'ham was also good.  The sun wasn't bright, but it was sunny sun, and so I tucked a blanket over all my stuff in the back seat, put the top down, and sailed on up.  Wind in my hair, black sunglasses keeping the grit out of my eyes, the whole deal.  It was fun, and would have been better if I'd had the time to take Chuckanut Drive.  Which we will be taking on our way up on Monday, Sky.  Because pretty.

L. O. L.

Feb. 16th, 2007 05:34 pm
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Three Good Things:
  1. Doctor's appointment.  I do not have a tumour or a horrible staph infection.  I have what is possibly a lipoma or else a sebaceous cyst, and harmless either way.  I do want to get it removed eventually, though.  It and the one in my armpit.  Squishy ugly lumps.  HI THANKS FOR READING MY TMI.
  2. Ran into that kid who looks like Doctor 4 again.  Why do I never run into him with a camera on hand? But he made me want to suggest Doctor Who Night.  Dunno what that'll turn out to be.
  3. And this.
<Turner> oh dick.  <<(My note:  He meant Dick Grayson.  I knew this and ignored it. >,>)
<Turner> please do not say things to Hermes that could be interpreted as 'have Lamby come lick me'. :(
<Terana> Lamby!
<Hats> So.... You don't want Lamby to come lick your dick?
<Terana> ...oh god
<octopus> Ock:  <_>  I do not like Lamby.
* Terana will CRY FOREVER
<Turner> I'm glad I didn't hear that statement until my mid-30s, Hats.
<Turner> Because this at least means that I will not die having NEVER had sex.
<Hats> *from WAY OVER HERE*  He didn't capitalize Dick, it's not my fault!
<Turner> My dick doesn't talk.
<Nixmun> lol!
<Hats> Well, some do.  Chaucer documented this fact.
<Turner> Despite my advanced years, I must assure you that Chaucer never met my dick.
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    “Do you know how close we are to something really important?”
    It was the fourteenth time I’d heard Doctor London say that this week.  I had a little tally on the edge of my desk.  Fourteen ‘importants,’ twelve ‘I can’t believe I’m a part of this,’ seven ‘shame about this town, though’ and four ‘oops.’  He was new on the project, and butterfingered.  I hoped he wouldn’t last long. 
    “Clair, did you ever think-“
    I cut him off.  It was getting irritating.  “Hold that thought, Doctor.  I’m trying to count.”  I wasn’t, but all he could see was that I had my eye to the microscope.  It worked, and he subsided.  I muttered under my breath.  It could have been numbers.  It wasn’t.  The cells in my field of view were dying, when they should have been thriving.  Genetic failure, they always feel apart at the blastocyst stage. 
    “Clair, do you-“
    ”London, do you ever shut up?” I pulled the slide out, handling it very carefully through the awkward gloves of the isolation suit.  “They’re dead.”  He glanced down at the bodies and I shook my head.  “The cells, you twit.”
    “Oh!  The vaccine’s not working?”
    Didn’t I just say that?

Three Good Things about Monday:
  1. RP meeting. Fun, crazy people.  I know I'll be BRPSing half of them, though.  No, you don't have to play your Toreador as a polysexual slut.
  2. Scarf!  48" by the time I went to bed.  Am running out of yarn.
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Three good things about today:
  1. Drawing the Yellow Sign all over campus and seeing Karl's doubletake.  That was lovely, truly lovely.  I hope the LaRouchers see it and choke.  Karl, I'm thrilled that it made your day, but it's sad that my chalk scribbles were the highlight.  I have more chalk.  We should meet at midnight and summon Elder Gods to the Red Square fountain.
  2. Nothing quite beats having your teacher call you up first to go over your paper, and telling you that she's having you first as a treat to her, because your write-up was her favorite.  That's a warm-fuzzy, hey-maybe-I-do-know-what-I'm-doing feeling right there, and it's amazing.  And it was my Red piece too, which I'm still really proud of.  Have I posted it here before?  She gave excellent advice on it.  I think I'll submit it to Jeopardy next month.
  3. Watching Supernatural with Pie and Ginny while I did my homework.  I never spend time with them, and I really want to.  You two are hilarious, thanks for putting up with me trying to keep up.
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I need to play catch-up with this three good things a day thing.  So here goes.

Friday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Tuesday )

Wednesday )

LJ ate this post the first time I tried it, the meanie.  Here's hoping.  RAWR WORK RIGHT.


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