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2013 hours; 48.512898,-122.619138; 30.3in baro pressure

There's a forty-minute long coda at the end of The Dark Tower: Song of Susannah, that's a collection of journal entries by the books' fictional version of Stephen King, and while it's there to support the story, there are glimmers of the man's real process in there, the way he writes every day, rain, shine, or storm.

I used to be able to do that. I did 50,000 words in 14 days once. I want it back. So right now, for now, the goal is 15 minutes a day. No topics set ahead of time, just journalling. (Okay, I might borrow the LJI topics, if any strike me, but I won't commit to that.)

I donated blood today. It's my fourth go. I have a process about it already, and it's always a good experience. I listen to my audiobook while the needle's in me, but I usually spend the little recovery period talking to the volunteer there in charge of cookies. And since it's usually an older person, the stories are sometimes amazing, like the woman today who spent three years living in India doing bookkeeping for a Doctors Without Borders hospital. She says she'd never be treated anywhere else. And she was so beautiful, at seventy-four. I hope I look half so fine.

I bought a coat today. This, you'd think, would be easy in January. But apparently, no. Women don't need coats in January, they need bikinis and see-through patterned shirts and sweaters you could use to net fish with. It didn't matter which store we went to, but cold-weather coats were isolated to three or four pieces on the clearance racks while the rest of the outerware departments were full of swimsuits and airy skirts. I wound up buying a man's coat, because the choices were many and varied and much, much cheaper. It may need some tailoring, but it'll do.

There, that's 15 minutes. No content at all, but I wrote.
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