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This list is by no means complete, and will continue to evolve.


I.   Cockpit
    A. Replace plexi hatches w/ wood
    B. Laminate new tiller - In Progress
    C. New cockpit deck hatch.
    D. Isolate cockpit lockers from cabin
    E. New washboards
    F. Build a rope locker in cockpit.

II.   Cabin
    A. Cabin table.
    B. Aft cabin bulkhead
    C. Pull out vinyl and fleece. - In Progress
           1. Vacuum out debris.
    D. Sand/chisel inner hull clean.
    E. Paint inner hull.*
    F. Clean out icebox.
    G. Choose favorite berth
    H. Build up opposite berth for storage/desk space
    I. Wash and air all mattresses.
    J. Replace or repair sliding cabinet doors.
    K. Move anchor locker aft.
    L. Build emergency locker.
III.  Water systems
    A. Clean and check sink fittings.
    B. Decide about salt water pump.
    C. Investige and clean or remove all water tanks.
    D. Trace icebox drain.
    E. Anchor locker drain.
    F. Pull out head.
    G. Investigate head sink.

IV.  Wiring
    A. Trace all wiring.
    B. Make diagrams.
    C. Repair/replace as needed.
    D. Decide what I'm doing with the 110 wiring.
    F. Replace shore-power coupling.

V.  Engine
    A. Study engine manual
    B. Rework engine cabinet.
    C. Get fuel tank out
    D. Remove engine from boat.
    E. New outboard support.
    F. Replace salt-water intake valve with one that can be shut off.

VI.  Propane
    A. Get propane tank tested.
    B. Study stove manual.
    C. Does stove work?
    D. Look for an oven. 18"x18"x15"

VII.  Paint
    A. Bottom paint.
    B. Shear stripe. (blue? With accents?)
    C. Transom (name)

VIII. Mast & Rigging & Sails
    A. Sort out shrouds and stays. Are all pieces present?
    B. Remove 'ratlines.' - in progress
    C. New chain plates.
    D. Beef up mast support.
    E. Step mast.
    F. Scrub boom 6/4/12
    G. Scrub mast (get wasp nests out)
    H. Strip sheathing off shrouds.
    I. Re-run all new running rigging.
    J. Extra main track.
    K. Baby stay to foredeck.
    L. Test sails.
    M. New sailbags and main cover.
    N. Set up rigging so mast can be raised/lowered from deck.

IX. Deck
    A. New bow pulpit.
    B. Granny bars.
    C. Clip line.
    D. Through-deck for anchor gear.
    E. Dinghy chocks.
    F. Scrub deck.
    G. Anchor roller.
    H. Scrub teak.
    I. Remove old safety lines.
    J. New safety lines.
    K. Beef up or replace stanchions.

X.  Other
    A. Find or build a 6' dinghy.
    B. Make dinghy unsinkable.
    C. Dodger.
    D. Registration #'s
    E. Inspection
    F. Insurance
    G. Get trailer. (6/12/11)
           1. Adjust trailer to fit boat.
    H. Bring boat home.

Date: 2011-06-13 12:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] penguinfaery.livejournal.com

It'll be so awesome when it's done.


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